Run for Water: Crazy. Insane.

Today, I ran 1 hour and 35 minutes, just shy of 17 km. Not bad, but chump kilometres compared to this guy:


Many of you long-time blog followers know him as Evil Pace Bunny, however, I have been in discussion with the lawyers and have started the paper work for his new name: Crazy, Insane, Evil Pace Bunny!

Bunny started his day at 4 a.m. where he ran a half marathon, followed that up with an ultra marathon, then marathon, and will complete with 10 km and 5 km runs, to a total of 135 km for the day. 135 KMS!!! (At the time of writing this post, he was still running.) Now, you know the impetus for the name change.

Yep, he stunk 😉

The only organized portion of the run was the Run for Water Ultra Marathon, which Bunny also did last year and I think the year before too if memory serves correct. Last year he did the Ultra on the Saturday, and the half and full marathon on the Sunday with every other Run for Water participants. This year, he wanted to up the ante and do every Run for Water distance in one day. (AND he’s determined to do the organized marathon in the morning as well.)

Why would he do this, you ask?

“Because I can,” he told me with a huge smile on his face following the completion of the ultra!

That’s who Crazy Insane Evil Pace Bunny is!

Completely inspirational… and crazy… and insane… and Evil!


  • 9:45 a.m. BG before: 8.6
  • Carbs: 1 hour prior Chocolate fruit ball, no bolus (18g)
  • Temp. basal: -50 per cent (2 hours)
  • Time: 1:35:50
  • Distance: 16.26 km
  • Average pace: 5:52 min/km
  • Fuel: @20 minutes: 2 dried apricots; @40 minutes: (BG: 5.0) 3 apricots; @60 minutes: (BG: 5.0) 3 shot blocks; @80 minutes: 1 apricot
  • 11:45 a.m. BG after: 7.3
  • Temp. basal: +50 per cent (1 hour)

I set out for a run in the Valley today with the intent of meeting up with the ultra runners. One of my favourites suggested I join up with them at one of the rest points and get my kilometres in that way, but I didn’t feel comfortable banditting the run given that those officially registered had to raise big bucks in order to participate. Instead, I ran a route I was sure they would be running and thought for sure our paths would cross…. or, at the very least, I thought I would run into a favourites cheering crew.

In fact, about 40 minutes in, I thought for sure I’d soon be turning on a road that I knew one of the cheer groups was stationed, and every step closer I got I got more and more excited. Seeing their faces, hearing their cheers (even if I wasn’t the ultra runners) I knew would energize my run for sure. I was even practicing, in my head, the photo shots we’d surely get.

But then, I turned on the road. They weren’t there. I kept running, maybe they were a little further down, but nope, it was just a lonely country road. And then, it hit me. I was on Angus Campbell. They were on Arnold. Wah-Wah-Wah 🙁

Pour moi???

Oh my!

How super fantastic!!!

But of course, cheers fit for a princess!

Excuse me while I go cry in the farm fields over there 🙁

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