Time to shine the spotlight on T1D

The Vancouver media missed a HUGE opportunity on the amazing things people are doing with type-1 diabetes, and I’m calling them out and making it right.

The Unpredictability of Blood Glucose in Sport

It’s hard to remember the unpredictability and stranglehold that Dear Diabetes has on us. There are so many factors that contribute to blood glucose management, often things that are completely out of our control.

Clips: The Bane of my Cycling Existence

Alright my cycling-loving readers, how many of you struggle with clipless pedals? I’ve been riding clipped in for six years now; my first ever ride in clips was on the Belgian cobblestones on a proper Flanderian cold, wet day, which was all sorts of scary, especially when the sirens of an ambulance started blaring right behind me in a funky roundabout moments after I started riding and I had no idea what to do beyond veering right and pretty much riding into a parked car to stop myself. Least I didn’t fall over. Least there was no one in the car. Belgium 2010: My first foray with clipless pedals. But I digress. So yeah, six years, and for the most part I’m pretty okay in them. At times I struggle getting my right foot clipped in after a stoplight, but usually the left foot, my leading foot, I’ve got no …

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