Guess my shoes, win a prize!

502: That’s the number of an area code in the suburbs of Kentucky; the number for the Roman numeral DII; and the number of times I’ve chatted with the lot of you πŸ˜€

Today Princess of Pavement turns 502 posts old!!! After nearly three years of happily typing away, sharing my experiences, giving advice, taking advice, and meeting some really awesome people, my blog has surpassed the 500 mark, and is on her way to the next 500. And I thought, you know, I really should celebrate this milestone. But how? What would be worthy of 502 posts? What would get you guys talking?

A CONTEST!!! Eeeeeeeeeee!!! (Note: this is Princess of Pavement’s first EVER contest!)

But first – hehe πŸ˜‰ – the long-awaited ankle report:

When I walked into Dear Physio’s office, two weeks ago, I was pretty despondent. With my ankle aching for weeks, I thought for sure, the news would be fatal. I thought I’d need to purchase yet another pair of shoes, or I’d need months of physiotherapy, or an ankle amputation, or worse, I’d be told to pack her in, my running days had come to their end. But nope, it seems all I needed was a heavy rolling pin!

Or The Stick would do just fine too

My ankle was jammed up pretty bad. I had suffered an anterior ankle impingement, which meant my talus bone (the chunky bone that rests on the heel bone) had shifted forward, essentially cutting off range of motion. The cause: a severely tight calf muscle!

Several things could have caused the tightness. I’ve had perpetually tight calves for eons; I may have forgot to stretch after my early runs (they were so short, you would have forgot too!); or it was those dang calf raises that did me in. Regardless of the cause, though, (totally not blaming the calf raises, nope, not at all ;)) the solution was so astonishingly easy, my face broke into the biggest crooked smile around, which is exactly what I needed after getting my ankle yanked back into place (Think Natalie Portman in Black Swan, that’s what I went through!). “Get yourself a rolling pin,” Dear Physio said. Three minutes a day with the rolling pin and I’d be good to go in no time. Wahoo!

Bring on the running shoes. Bring on the pavement. This princess is back πŸ˜€

So, in celebration of my 502nd post and my new, back-to-running state, let’s have a contest! Here’s the deal, all you’ve got to do is guess my shoes and be entered in a draw to win a prize!

What oh what could they be???

It seems you guys are interested in the brand of shoe I went for after the Asics debacle, given the messages I received following my Dazed and confused post asking just that. And so, I figured let’s have fun with this, let’s have a contest! So here’s the deal, guess the brand of shoes I’m wearing via a comment on this post, and be entered into a draw to win a pair of iBungee stretch laces made by Speed Laces. For an additional entry, tweet this post including my Twitter handle @princessopavmnt in your tweet.

From the website: iBungee laces flex with the motion of your foot for plush comfort. Turns any shoe into a slip-on that goes on and off effortlessly. Never tie laces again. Great for sensitive feet.

The contest closes Sunday evening, 8 p.m. PST. The winner will be announced on Monday. Only North American entries please. Good luck!

13 thoughts on “Guess my shoes, win a prize!”

  1. Ok, so, my guess is Saucony, because they are my feet’s favorite shoe to run in. They could possibly be Hurricanes, or Pro-Grids – because they are oh so popular….

  2. I’m going to say Brooks. They don’t look like any Saucony’s that I have seen unless it’s an older model.
    Hope you like your new shoes πŸ™‚

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