Princess of Pavement

Guess my shoes, win a prize!

502: That’s the number of an area code in the suburbs of Kentucky; the number for the Roman numeral DII; and the number of times I’ve chatted with the lot of you 😀 Today Princess of Pavement turns 502 posts old!!! After nearly three years of happily typing away, sharing my experiences, giving advice, taking advice, and meeting some really awesome people, my blog has surpassed the 500 mark, and is on her way to the next 500. And I thought, you know, I really should celebrate this milestone. But how? What would be worthy of 502 posts? What would get you guys talking? A CONTEST!!! Eeeeeeeeeee!!! (Note: this is Princess of Pavement’s first EVER contest!) But first – hehe 😉 – the long-awaited ankle report: When I walked into Dear Physio’s office, two weeks ago, I was pretty despondent. With my ankle aching for weeks, I thought for sure, …

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