Blowing in the wind

“Toto! I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore!” But I didn’t see no rainbows, oh no.

Holy crud monkey, that run on Saturday was seriously like running through a bloody tornado! (A West Coast tornado that is ;)) All along the boardwalk were smatterings of debris, and clusters of chairs that had been whipped over the patio of a nearby pub.

Image by Jonny Lindner from Pixabay

I kid you not, on the way out, my body was actually being pushed forward by the gales of wind at my back. I could feel my legs speeding up; the winds would not let me go slow. And I’ve got to be honest, that part of the run, was totally fun. I mean, if I could have my own personal wind at my back (like Father Time blowing non-stop hefty gusts of air) pushing me through a marathon, I’d be like a sub 3.5 hours for sure.

The way back, however, was a whole different story. What caused me to go super fast for the first half of my run, had the reverse effect for the last half. Running into that wind was like running through quicksand. It felt as though I was going nowhere. The gusts were whipping at my face, icy tears streaming down my  cheeks, and frustration burbling in my belly. I do NOT like going that slow!

But, on the upside, while I only ran a little more than 4 km, that wind made it more like 8 km. Yep, I’m totally going with that 😀


  • BG before: 5.3  (3 crackers and PB, no bolus)
  • Temp. basal: – 50 per cent (30 minutes)
  • Distance: Between 4.0 and 4.5 km
  • Time: Forgot to time myself
  • BG after: 4.2
  • Temp. basal: +50 per cent (30 minutes)

Did you watch the Oscars on the weekend? We did… it’s tradition. Our favourite Italian family hosted the second annual Oscar pool where we each selected who we thought would win. Last year, one of the boys, who hadn’t seen any of the movies won the pool (the nerve!) but this year, Mario, who had watched the most movies on the ballot, showed him up. Phew. I tied for third…  my problem is I vote with my heart. AND, I’m too busy concentrating on the dresses to be paying attention to the ballots 🙂

My favourite dress this year: Natalie Portman (love red and love polka dots!). The worst: (no surprise here really) Meryl Streep. Great actress. Great speech. God awful dress; it was like gold lamé drapes wrapped around her!

Who are your best/worst dressed picks?

12 thoughts on “Blowing in the wind”

  1. Jeez, I must be slipping. Apparently I saw no new movies last year … and Oscar night completely passed me by unnoticed. However, thanx for the pic of Natalie Portman, my favourite actress, and a honey if there ever was one!! 🙂
    Sadly, I missed Meryl Streep wrapped in gold lame drapes 🙂
    This year, I’ll try to pay more attention to the flix 🙂

  2. strong finish! I saw none of the films either (yet) really want to see hugo. and thought the best speech was the Scorcese drinking game presentation. have no opinions about the dresses excep i didn’t like jlo or streeps dresses. thought emma stone looked awesome

    1. I loved Hugo! Such a beautiful movie … we actually just bought the blu ray this week, that’s how much we loved it.
      JLo’s dress was horrible! I love that she likes to show off her curves and have thought in past years she’s done it beautifully, but that dress was god awful … it had my vote for second worst dress!

      1. The consensus at our Oscar party was that JLo might have been showing a little more than she intended.

  3. (1) I definitely agree with you on the dresses; and now I’ll be thinking of Penelope Cruz the rest of the day. Thanks! Watching the films didn’t seem to help me too much in the Oscar pool this year. It never does, but despite having seen 8 of the 9, I still got *so* few of them right.

    (2) I did a five-mile race about a year ago right along the Rhode Island coast. For the first half we had a near gale (literally!) at our backs. I hadn’t run under fourteen minutes for two miles in many, many years until that morning. Coming back sucked!! I’m not ashamed to say that I tucked in behind the (rather petite) winning woman for about a half-mile until she dropped me.

      1. Well, “The Artist” was great–and “Hugo” was pretty damn good, too–but I think I like “The Descendants” or “Midnight in Paris” best… depending on my mood at any given moment.

    1. We really enjoyed Midnight in Paris too, and normally we’re not huge fans of Woody Allen, but such a fun concept. Mind you, I couldn’t stand Rachel McAdams character in the movie.

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