Failed reunion

Everything is backwards. The paradigms are shifting. My world is completely off, it’s wrong, it’s not right. While I sit here in front of my computer, on day 6 of no exercise, and my belly expanding at the mere thought of the We Are Waffling Ben and Jerry’s in my freezer, my husband is out running – MY HUSBAND! The man who makes fun of us runners, who turns his nose up at us runners, who is the anti runner!

This is just fugged up!

After spending the better part of the weekend plus Monday in bed, I was starting to feel better by Tuesday. I still had a gut-bruising incessant cough, but the grodies seemed to all be gone, and so I figured the infectious germs were also gone and that I’d be good to go for work. And I was. For the most part, the day went well. Sure I had a few coughing fits here and there, but I wasn’t feeling “sick” and my energy levels didn’t start to plummet until the drive home, which wasn’t overly surprising given that I’d been in bed for days prior. And I was sure, by today, I’d be at least 80 per cent.

As such, I was eyeing up my running shoes last night with so much joy in my heart. I had visions, visions I tell you, of lacing those suckers up and hitting the pavement. It wasn’t going to be a long run, not by any stretch, just a short one to loosen up the ol’ legs you know, get them back in the groove – a reunion of sorts.

But then, the overnight happened.

At 3 a.m. I was abruptly awoken by my own hacking up of a lung that felt like it was being tickled at Guantanamo Bay. At 4 a.m., the flood gates of my nose were opened. After 20 minutes of blowing and wiping and sniffling and going through a box of tissues, I finally stuffed a Kleenex up my nose so as to dam that damn snot so I could fall back asleep again. It was quite the lovely sight 😉

Today, all day, I have had a headache; a stuffed nose that starts to drip like a leaky faucet without warning; a cloudy brain; a hoarse, crackling voice; and an obnoxiously loud, barking cough. Oh yeah, and the grodies are back. Seriously, how the hell do you go from being so close to reaching 80 per cent back down to like 30 or 40 per cent? What the F?

And so, no I did not go for a run…

Oh how I do so miss great runs like this one last Wednesday…

and I did not take the trainer out for a spin…

Final pic a post: My glucometre and accessories are never far when on the bike trainer, where 90 per cent of the time, the BG takes a nosedive.

or anything else for that matter, which… sucks 🙁

8 thoughts on “Failed reunion”

  1. I hope you feel better soon. I got hit with something right after we got back from SF and was down and out for about 5 days.

  2. Dear delapidated friend: I feel your pain. Well, not that I REALLY feel it – but, you know, I commiserate … I empathize … I sincerely wish it were otherwise 🙁
    I hope you feel better … like RIGHT NOW!!
    Does it help to know you are missing NUTTIN’ in the newsroom? Like absolutely ZILCH!! Nada!!
    ‘Tis a dull and listless landscape without you 🙂

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