sick with diabetes

Sick day selections

Today is Day 3 and a half of being stuck at home, relegated to either the bed or the couch, and my gawd, I am bored as hell AND I have a super sore back! On the upside though, despite my nose still being completely stuffed up and infected green grodies still curdling out of my throat, I think I’m on the mend. My head isn’t quite so foggy, my voice isn’t quite so smoky, and I’m not struggling to climb the stairs nearly as much as I have been… I just need my blood sugars to get back on an even keel and the wheezing hack to disappear and I’ll be happy snappy once again. The only saving grace of being sick is the all-day viewing I get (between cat naps of course) of the Food Network and girly, girly movies. My top 10 best sick day movies: 13 …

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Diabetes on colds

I try not to whine and complain about this disease of mine; I spent far too many years doing so and it never got me anywhere. So instead, I try to pretend we’re friends all the while fighting to conquer it behind its back. But some days Dear Diabetes gets the upper hand. The last five days, it’s had the upper hand. I’m sick. I’m miserable. And yes, I’m whining a bit too. So please, allow me this: Why the F is everything WITH diabetes so bloody complicated? Last Monday, I was exhausted. After dinner I crashed on the couch not having any energy to pull myself up and get things done. By 9:30, I was out for the night. Tuesday, I hadn’t yet clued in, but my blood sugars had. They were having a hyperglycemia party in my veins. Wednesday, I had tired voice the entire day. Thursday, I …

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Failed reunion

Everything is backwards. The paradigms are shifting. My world is completely off, it’s wrong, it’s not right. While I sit here in front of my computer, on day 6 of no exercise, and my belly expanding at the mere thought of the We Are Waffling Ben and Jerry’s in my freezer, my husband is out running – MY HUSBAND! The man who makes fun of us runners, who turns his nose up at us runners, who is the anti runner! This is just fugged up! After spending the better part of the weekend plus Monday in bed, I was starting to feel better by Tuesday. I still had a gut-bruising incessant cough, but the grodies seemed to all be gone, and so I figured the infectious germs were also gone and that I’d be good to go for work. And I was. For the most part, the day went well. Sure …

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