Year in review

2013: The year that was

When I woke up this morning, at 7 a.m. – on purpose! – I was reminded of the me 14 years ago. The first day of the new millennium had me an unhealthy, unhappy, hungover mess. I was overweight, I was miserable, Dear Diabetes and me were not frienemies, we were full on enemies, I had no motivation to run, let alone take on any kind of exercise, and the thought of a child undertow had me cowering under a blanket. Fast forward 14 years, and my goodness, how far I’ve come. I’m a wife. I’m a mom. I’m a runner. I’m a rockstar diabetic. I’m happy. So freaking happy. My life, I am proud to boast, just keeps getting better and better 😀 So, I figured I’d celebrate with a morning run and a year’s reflection. NEW YEAR’S DAY RUN: 10 a.m. BG before: 4.9 Carbs: granola bar (14g) no …

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2013: the year I get my feet back

2012: There were no sun-drenched long runs, no personal bests, no races, in fact, there was hardly any running at all. And yet, it was a year I shall cherish for always. It was the second week of January (the day after Big Ring’s birthday) that we found out (while running!) we had a little thumb-sucking alien baby growing in my belly. I had vowed to keep up with my running, and was sure I’d be able to run the 5 km Run for Water in May, and the first Starbucks Women’s Run in June, but unfortunately my body and blood sugars had other ideas. By mid March, I had retired my running shoes to the closet, in favour of hiking and walking shoes. Clockwise: Starbucks (WALK) for Women in June; hiking Lynn Valley in May; retiring my running sneakers in March. It was a year full of all-day nausea, …

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2011: a princess perfect year

2011 was a year full of personal bests, discoveries, and lots of laughter; a great one indeed. And it started with a bang. January: Resolution Run While most were sleeping away hangovers on the morning of Jan. 1, I was up early racing against myself in the Running Room’s 5 km Resolution Run; I won. I crossed the finish line with a personal best that shaved a good 2 minutes 38 seconds off my previous 5k PB. It was the first of four personal bests this year. While training for my second marathon, Run for Water, which was at the end of May, I clocked in a two-hour, 24-second half marathon time at the Good Life Fitness Toronto Half in the middle of May, cutting my previous half time by nearly 4 minutes. Two weeks later I finished Run for Water with a time of 4:44:24; not quite the time …

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