Vancouver Hot Chocolate Race

Mama and Little Ring style… postponed

So where were we? Ah right, I had just conquered a huge 10 km personal best, but still had 400 metres to go… I’m not going to lie, it was slower. Significantly slower. And that was planned. You see, I had a little boy waiting for me at the top of the hill, probably about 200 to 300 metres from the finish. Every race this boy has been at the finishing chute cheering for me, clapping, getting all excited to see his mama. But this time was going to be different. In my head, in my heart, (something that was not shared previously) that last 400 metres was to be dedicated to my Little Ring. Little Ring has been watching me run since before birth (see picture below). He’s attended all of my races, and has accompanied me on a few of my training runs too. And at the First …

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Race Report: All about the hot chocolate

I didn’t want to come at you guys today with excuses, I wanted to be the Bionic Woman, the woman who could do anything no matter what is trying to hold her down. But, much to my dismay, I am not the Bionic Woman, I am very much human, and here I am with, well, excuses: • I had not run in two weeks. • I’d been battling a head cold that turned into a chest cough for just as long. • My starting blood sugars were worrisome. • I nearly pulled a Tom Boonen. Yesterday I ran the first ever Vancouver Hot Chocolate 10.4 km race; my first race of the season. As I’m sure you can guess from ^^^  it didn’t go so well. I so desperately wanted to come out in a blaze of glory, personal besting right off the hop, but the stupid, evil, nasty, grrr cold …

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