Usain Bolt

Competitive juices boiling

So you know how I said in my last post that I wasn’t affected by having to walk Run for Water? Well, I wasn’t at the event itself, but I was the next day – when I started looking at the times of people I knew who actively ran the varying courses. I saw good times, great times, unbelievable times. And you know what, the competitive juices in my belly instantly began to boil. I want to be fast. Super. Princess. Fast. I don’t just want to run the runs anymore, I want to kick their asses and have a blast doing it. So, where do I go from here? Well, me and my pregnant belly we will continue what we’re doing currently, but come three or so months from now (people keep saying I’m gonna need recovery time after thumb-sucking alien baby arrives, but I’m taking that advice with a …

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Yertle the Turtle

I’m not gonna lie, that run I went on last night, that super short, super easy, loosen up the legs 3.5 km run, was scary as hell. In fact, could even be in my top 5 scary runs. It’s a run I’ve done hundreds of times, I could run it with my eyes closed, I could run it backwards, I could run it through the thick of snow, but last night the nerves in my belly felt as though they were embarking on their first marathon. I was practically pooping my pants! Can you feel the fear? Last night was my first outdoor run since falling flat on my face and spraining my shoulder two weeks ago. Sure I’ve done a couple treadmill runs, but before yesterday, nothing outdoors. And it just so happened, last night’s route was part of the same route we ran that evening. Ohhh the fond …

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