Tour de France

30 weeks: tug-of-war

My belly is huge; my emotions are scattered; my sleep is sporadic; every inch of my body is achy; and my insulin doses are being adjusted every day – welcome to the home stretch baby. On Thursday, we officially hit the 30-week mark, which means if everything goes as planned Big Ring and I will be meeting our little thumb-sucking alien baby in just under two and a half months. And if those months are anything like the last week has been, I might as well just extend my pre-apologies right now to my dear husband. I may have driven him to crazy Roger Rabbit status this week! This week I was on holidays and it was a tough go for me. I’m an active person, I like to keep busy, I like to do things, but these days, I can barely climb a flight of stairs without huffing and …

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Let the cycling season begin

You know it’s cycling season in the Princess/Big Ring household when Princess wakes up at 3:40 a.m. only to discover she’s alone in the bed, and that Big Ring has been up for hours already in preparation for the early morning viewing of Paris-Roubaix. Apparently his brain had gone into overdrive shortly after we turned the lights off for the night Saturday, and instead of trying to shut his thoughts out, he decided to embrace them. Starting at 1:30 a.m. Big Ring went whole hog on a video project he’d been story boarding in his head for hours. It’s not surprising really given that we were blessed with two days of sunshine this long weekend (mixed with some torrential downpour/sleet/hail) that had Big Ring in his glory atop his mistress Mademoiselle Lapierre. I kid you not, the second that sun comes out, I am lost to him. There’s hours of …

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Making it count

Not all long weekends are perfect, in fact many don’t seem long enough, but this one was pretty darn near close to perfection. Sure I may have had a splitting head ache for a few hours of it and a couple of lows that tried to bring me down, but not even those could ruin it. In fact, they were just mere hiccups compared to everything else. Nothing spectacular happened, but a lot of good happened, and that combined surely adds up to spectacular. On Canada Day, Mario and I had a spontaneous date night and went out for some traditional Canadian grub at Las Margaritas (seriously, how is Mexican not Canadian?) then we went and saw Beginners at the Fifth Avenue, which is one our favourite theatres. And the movie, oh my goodness, I was on the verge of tears through the entire thing, and even at one point …

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