The Great One

Silver lining

Thirty four days. Thirty four hard, longing, obsessive, mood-swinging, shaky days. That’s how long I lasted. No chocolate for 34 days, but after the week I’ve had, the no-chocolate streak came to an end. And let me just say, that first bite was the most heavenly thing I’ve ever experienced. The chocolate oozed over my tongue, melted on my teeth, it’s nutty, raisin, cocoaness filled my senses. My eyes widened, my nose perked, my skin tingled, and my tongue, oh man did it taste. Heaven. One of the best, most delectable decisions I’ve made. Dear chocolate, I promise never to desert you again. Despite this week being a struggle almost from start to finish with blood sugar dramas and running injuries and work stresses, it hasn’t all been bad. In fact, there have been a few spectacular moments squeezed in there. On Saturday, my niece finally had her baby shower …

Silver lining

Pristine disappointment

Dammit! Perfect eyes again ­čÖü Every year I go to the eye specialist hoping, praying, begging that this will be the year she gives me a prescription, but nooooo, I get the nasty eye drops, I look like I’m stoned for the better part of a day with my pupils so super dilated, I get my eye pressure taken, which by the way so not fun, I get the blinding light shone directly into my cornea, and all I ask in return, is to be told, you need glasses. And every year, the specialist keeps coming at me with “Pristine eyes” “No diabetes damage here” “So great to see you” I DON’T WANT TO HEAR THOSE WORDS!!! For fear of being offed by every sight deficient person in the world, I should probably elaborate here. I don’t want to be blind, and I don’t want diabetes damage to my eyes, …

Pristine disappointment

Waiting for the Great One

It was almost 21 years ago when, for two straight weeks, I would barrel out of bed the second the phone rang in the morning, and would blurt out the same question in rapid-fire excitement as soon as the receiver was gripped in my hand: “Is it time?” My big sister was preggers with my first niece, and being the youngest of four, I was so unbelievably stoked to finally have someone younger than me to boss around (priorities right!). Growing up, my dear sweet niece was almost like a little sister; I oohed and awed over her as a baby, grew increasingly annoyed with her as she found her own voice, realized she was a pretty awesome chick, held every one of her accomplishments in high esteem, and loved her every step of the way. One of those special moments forever captured between my niece and I on my …

Waiting for the Great One