Snohomish County

The robin’s egg blue fondo

I’ve got two words to describe my very first fondo: No pressure. Unlike my running races, I wasn’t filled with nerves souring my belly, there weren’t anxious butterflies keeping me up all night, no stresses, no worries, nothing. The only goal I had going into the Living the Dream Fondo was to not be the last person to cross the finish line. Sure, I hadn’t ridden 56 km in nearly two years, and sure, my butt would likely suffer as a result. Sure, I had never ridden in a pack before, and sure, I’d seen the nasty mash-ups on big-time races. Sure, I had absolutely no confidence in changing a flat tire, even with the Tire Repair session I recently attended. And sure, maybe the concern in Big Ring’s eyes should have struck a flurry of worry in me when he handed me his patch kit and I, with my own …

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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: And then there were two

Remember a month ago, when I teased you all with a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT on the horizon, and then I pretty much didn’t say a word of it since. Well folks, we just needed to make sure all our ducks were in a row, tests were done, no false alarms, everyone healthy. And now, our news is finally ready to be revealed (eeeeeeeeeee!!!) and I am so stinkin’ excited! Are you ready for it? Like really, really ready? Okay, here goes 😀 Just when Big Ring, Little Ring and I were starting to get into a groove, we were hit with a pleasant surprise. The dynamics of our family, dear friends, is again changing. Little Ring is getting a Little Sister!!! Yup, that’s my belly with a bike inside. Hehe 🙂 In late February, The Rings and I went to the Vancouver Bike Show, which was a huge game changer for me. …

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