running with high blood sugars

Diabetes and the racing equation

(It’s taken me longer than I intended to post this second part of my Vancouver First Half half marathon recap; again, I blame chemistry.) So where were we? Oh right, I had just kicked my last personal best out of the park, knocking off a solid four minutes. And oh how I wish I could have started this post with a conquering WAHOO all around, but sadly, frustratingly, Dear Diabetes was having none of that. Vancouver First Half: Racing strategy win. Diabetes strategy fail. Dear Diabetes drew me in early on, tantalizing me, teasing me with a good, solid streak of no lows while training. I didn’t dare gloat or boast about it for fear her ugly head would rear, I just kept happily running along, diabetes NOT at the front of my thoughts. But then, it all turned sour. About a month and a half ago, ohhh right about …

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No quitting allowed

I thought for sure when I set out on my run yesterday morning, I’d be leading this post off with a big fat ugly “Ugh!” By all accounts this run should have been a disaster. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong… that is, except for the run itself 😀 Because I was scheduled to run 45 minutes, I decided Saturday evening that this run would be a practice run for next Sunday’s race. I had intended to wake up at 5:15 a.m. (not as early as I’ll have to next week, but early nonetheless), down a Z-bar and some water, and be on the road by 6 a.m.. I had intended on getting a great night sleep. And I had intended on running with perfect blood sugars. None of that happened. I had a horribly crummy sleep, waking up every hour from 10:30 to 2:30 fighting an over-active …

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