TSAB 3 of 3: But what about the diabetes?

So let’s review: so far we’ve covered Little Ring’s speedy arrival on earth, and the non-diabetes related hiccups that arose during the throes of labour, but what about the diabetes? A girlfriend once told me, following the completion of my first marathon, that if I could do that, I could give birth to a kid no problem. And she was right… to a point. I did go into marathon mode when the time came, I breathed like a marathon machine, and just as I do when coming into the finish, I kicked my pushing up in the home stretch. But the thing is, none of that took into account the diabetes equation. Unlike training for a marathon, I didn’t have months to condition my body or my diabetes for childbirth. And I felt completely unprepared, diabetes wise, going into the delivery room. Even though I attended a diabetes in pregnancy …

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The princess and the speed

That’s it, I need a vacation, like now. My brain is seriously catatonic, I kid you not. It’s like it’s in a perpetual daze, I’m constantly forgetting things, important things, like for instance in less than a 24 hour period, I forgot to test my blood sugars before going to bed last night which I always do to ensure there won’t be any un-welcomed overnight surprises and then tonight after my run, I forgot to test my blood sugars and set a post-run temporary basal. Seriously, I need a vacation! Good thing I’m going on one starting Friday! Woohoo ­čśÇ TONIGHT’S RUN: 6 p.m. BG before: 6.5 Temp basal: -50 per cent Distance: 7 km Average pace: 6:15 min/km Average heart rate: 168 bpm Time: 43:48 8 p.m. BG (1 hour) after: 4.1 I joined my favourite running chick and Little Miss Speedy Gonzalez for a good-clip tempo run tonight. …

The princess and the speed