Fairhaven: a love affair continues

Oh beautiful, beautiful Fairhaven, we have had a love affair that has lasted a good many years haven’t we. Ah, the memories, the moments, the romances we’ve had. It’s an affair that’s extended well beyond the short-lived toe shoe craze of mine that first put you in my sights. Your history, your old-time architecture, your boutiques, your food, your village greens, your marinas, every visit is ripe with wonderfully new discoveries. And so, my beauty, it only seemed natural, don’t you think, I run a race on your very personage 😀 FAIRHAVEN WATERFRONT 15K: 8 a.m. BG before: 10.4 Carbs: breakfast 2.5 hours earlier, full bolus Temp. basal: none Time: 1:24:04 Distance: 15 km Average pace: 5:38 min/km Average cadence: 86 spm Fuel: @30 minutes 2 shot blocks @60 minutes 2 shot blocks 10:15 p.m. BG after: 9.2 11th in my age/gender category, not too shabby. But next time, I …

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When the credits roll

What do you do when you manage to pilfer pounds of stoned fruit from your parents? Make German plum tart, that’s what! My parents came back from the Okanagan earlier this week and on the way home stopped in at Keremeas, which is pretty much a town fruit stand, and came home with flats of fruit. And, you know, seeing as how it’s just the two of them, and they couldn’t possibly eat all that fruit on their own, I kinda, sorta, was totally obliged to take some of it off their hands 😉 Initially, I was just planning on eating it the old-fashioned way, possibly putting some of it into our morning smoothies, but then when I got home the other night, and was sitting at the dinner table alone, it dawned on me that those plums were hard, and hard plums are the most perfect plums for German …

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