When the credits roll

What do you do when you manage to pilfer pounds of stoned fruit from your parents? Make German plum tart, that’s what!

My parents came back from the Okanagan earlier this week and on the way home stopped in at Keremeas, which is pretty much a town fruit stand, and came home with flats of fruit. And, you know, seeing as how it’s just the two of them, and they couldn’t possibly eat all that fruit on their own, I kinda, sorta, was totally obliged to take some of it off their hands 😉

Initially, I was just planning on eating it the old-fashioned way, possibly putting some of it into our morning smoothies, but then when I got home the other night, and was sitting at the dinner table alone, it dawned on me that those plums were hard, and hard plums are the most perfect plums for German plum tart. So, at 8 p.m., the flour and butter, sugar and baking powder came out of the cupboards and my baking brilliance, which has struggled in the last few outings, was redeemed. Hmm … maybe I’m just better at the whole late night baking thing?

Of course I gave my moms and pops a piece, it was only fair 😀

And where is the perfect place to eat German plum tart? At an outdoor movie theatre of course!

Last night Mario and I went on a date night to Fairhaven, a historical burg just past Bellingham, Washington. For 12 years, this small community has been playing outdoor movies, and while most of the nearby communities at home have started doing the same, the difference with Fairhaven is they actually have a painted screen on one of the buildings that the movie is projected off. Very cool.

We first noticed it two years ago, but this was our first opportunity to actually go; it was also the last night of the season. They had a band that played the sun down, with a singer who looked like Joaquin Phoenix during his “supposed” dark days, had raffle draws (of which we were one number away from winning) and then the movie: The Princess Bride. Such a good movie!

There were people reciting lines from the movie, guffawing so loud, something you rarely hear in an actual theatre, and cheering for the characters, like when Inigo Montoya (Mandy Patinkin, so brilliant!) conquered the dude with the six fingers, and when Buttercup and the Farm Boy were finally united. When the credits rolled, Mario and I were both in agreement we had picked the best night of all!

Have you ever attended outdoor movies?

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  1. “pounds of stoned fruit” stoned? why are my good friends up north wasting their good drugs on produce?

    went to a drive’in as a kid but can’t recall what the movie was. Did catch starwars outside in college. always awesome

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