Be still my beating heart

Last time it was my favourite jeans, this time my favourite purse. Some would say maybe my priorities aren’t in the right place, but seriously, if you had spent the amount of time – years! – I spent looking for this beautiful creation of a purse, you would be doing everything in your power to save her from going up in flames too!


Yesterday started out like any other work day. It was deadline, I had a couple of stories I needed to file, and was diligently working away. I got up from my desk at around 11 a.m. to discuss something with my editor. I walked back to my desk around 11:05 a.m., sat down. At 11:06 a.m. my nose was piqued by the smell of burnt hair.  I looked up from my computer, and OHMYGAWD! The newsroom was suffocating with smoke!

And because I’m such a good listener when it comes to things like fire drills, I totally went against safety protocol, not once, not twice, but pretty much the entire time. Apparently we’re supposed to drop everything and head outside to the designated meeting area at the historical church next to the building, I however ran back for my beautiful purse … I couldn’t possibly leave her behind, oh no. And then when the firetrucks started showing up (there were three, all full of firemen!) well you couldn’t possibly expect me to stay back – away from the firemen! Nope, I had a job to do, I had to keep the Twitter community apprised to whether or not we were given the hot firemen the news going on right outside our building.

Be still my beating heart:

So, turns out, there was no fire. The air conditioner had broke a couple of days ago, and probably 10 minutes before the smoke, the repairman was in fiddling around with it and apparently he fiddled a little too much. I can’t really remember the details, as I was too focused on drooling over the firemen when I was being told, but as far as I know, a belt came off in the AC system, and I guess it just started burning – hence the smoke.

After about 45 minutes of excitement we were given the go ahead to return. The firemen did one final walk through and found a wad of newspaper stuffed into one of the overhead AC vents – from like 2000! Brilliant.


  • 9:15 p.m. BG before: 8.1
  • Temp. basal: -100 per cent (1 hour)
  • Time: 50 minutes
  • Conditions: Apartment humidity = I was soaked!
  • 10:15 p.m. BG after: 7.5
  • Temp. basal: +50 per cent (1/2 hour)

If you could save one thing in a fire, not including people, what would it be?

3 thoughts on “Be still my beating heart”

  1. glad u and your purse are safe (and congrats on the firemen)
    I’d have to save bloo my bike or my wife’s new ipad2 gizmo thingy

    1. You know, it’s funny, I never think of things like my bike or my computer or even my bloody ring … my husband, however, man he’d be pushing me aside making sure his Lapierre was saved 😀

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