Diabetes Blog Week

Spreading the diabetes love

Six posts in seven days, that must be a record for me! For Diabetes Blog Week, I’ve shared with you the lust I have for my American-accented, bow-tie clad endocrinologist; a faded memory of one of my first scary lows; a petition against all the diabetes know-it-alls out there; my greatest accomplishment with and without diabetes; and my reason for not participating in a swap diseases exercise. And today, the final day of Diabetes Blog Week, I share with you other bloggers I’ve enjoyed reading this week: • My Lazy Pancreas: Georgie was diagnosed in her final year of high school. All through her hospital stay she focused on her studies. It wasn’t until she got home and sat down to dinner that it hit her. She couldn’t just pick up her fork and eat, suddenly she had to count carbs and figure out insulin doses. What she did next caused …

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Freaky Friday… no thanks

Today’s topic for Diabetes Blog Week really kind of bugged me. I thought about ignoring it, thought about not writing today, or opting for one of the wildcard topics, but that’s not being true to who I am, or what this blog is. So, I’m going to share with you why a topic like Freaky Friday would irritate me so. The topic wants us to pretend we could swap out our disease for another. You know, trade in diabetes for say Crohn’s disease, or arthritis, or epilepsy, or asthma, or MS, or some other chronic ailment. And I ask you, why the heck would I want to do that? Yes, diabetes has its suck-jerk moments, a lot of them, but so do all those other diseases. I wouldn’t want to suffer pain all day, or fear seizures, or feel as though life were being choked out of my lungs with …

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The greatest accomplishment of all

I’ve climbed mountains, run marathons, traveled through various parts of the world, won writing awards, achieved As in chemistry, managed my disease to near perfection; all pretty awesome achievements. But none of those accomplishments, not one, stand a chance next to the greatest accomplishment of my life. Little Ring is hands down the greatest, most impressive thing I have ever done – EVER! – with and without diabetes 😀 * This is my fourth installment of Diabetes Blog Week with today’s topic being Accomplishments, big or small*

Memories: eat rocks!

When you opened your eyes that cool, grey morning, flutters of excitement filled your belly. Today was show and tell. Today was a good day. For days you’d been thinking non-stop about what to bring. You knew you didn’t want to show off your latest Cabbage Patch Kid, and you knew you didn’t want to bring your Barbie, despite her new, totally awesome, spiked, toothpaste-blue hairstyle. Nope. Neither of those would do. You crawled under your bed, rifled through the mounds of dirty and clean clothes, and the secretly stashed mouldy lunches until your hands came upon the two squares of cool tin. You curved your tiny fingers over the top of the boxes and pulled. And there they were, your most prized possessions. Two boxes full of rocks. Shiny green rocks, yellow rocks, purple and blue rocks. Big rocks, small rocks, sharp rocks, and silky smooth rocks. Rocks with …

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My petition to you

If I presented you a petition of my own making, would you sign it? Would you sign it even if it meant you could no longer look at me with pity in your eyes when we talk of my diabetes? Would you sign it even if it meant you could no longer share stories of others you know (or don’t know for that matter) with diabetes who’ve been struck with blindness, dialysis, amputation, etc.? Would you sign it even if it meant you could no longer question every item of food I ingest – chocolate and ice cream included? Would you sign it even if it meant you could no longer interrogate my actions and point out what you believe should be diabetes limitations? Would you sign it even if it meant you could no longer think my life is any less than yours because of my diabetes? Would you …

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