Spreading the diabetes love

Six posts in seven days, that must be a record for me!

For Diabetes Blog Week, I’ve shared with you the lust I have for my American-accented, bow-tie clad endocrinologist; a faded memory of one of my first scary lows; a petition against all the diabetes know-it-alls out there; my greatest accomplishment with and without diabetes; and my reason for not participating in a swap diseases exercise.

And today, the final day of Diabetes Blog Week, I share with you other bloggers I’ve enjoyed reading this week:

• My Lazy Pancreas: Georgie was diagnosed in her final year of high school. All through her hospital stay she focused on her studies. It wasn’t until she got home and sat down to dinner that it hit her. She couldn’t just pick up her fork and eat, suddenly she had to count carbs and figure out insulin doses. What she did next caused an instant lump to well in my throat.

Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates: Misty writes about diabetes from the perspective of a mom caring for a Type-1. I was first drawn to her blog for the Accomplishments post, and loved how they celebrated the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting with a plateful of cookies and candles. But when I continued to read further, and came upon the Memories post about the day her daughter was diagnosed, and the perspective of a mom on that day, it reminded me of my own diagnoses day.

• Dreams of Lewis: I just really like how Ashleigh writes 😀 This girl was diagnosed last year, just three months into working as a receptionist at an endocrinologist’s office!!! Coincidence? She’s got a great writing style and I look forward to reading more from her.

So there you have it folks. Diabetes Blog Week has come to an end. I posted six of the seven days, forgoing only art day. I am incredibly artistically inept. Thank you to all who read my posts and commented on them. I got some pretty awesome comments let me just say! I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey… now, back to regular posts about me, my running, my cycling, my life, oh yeah, and my diabetes too 😀


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