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Watermelon head is back!

My fame has risen once again. Seriously people, my head is soon gonna be the size of a watermelon again (not that I’m complaining 😉 ) Brother-sister rivalry. Remember my Almost Famous post last month? The one where my star shone through the pages of Canadian Running Magazine? (For those of you not in Canada, here’s a link to the article: Well folks, that fame has given me even more fame! Earlier this week, Best of the Betes Blogs released the month of winners, and guess who’s name was on that list? Me! Me! Me! My Almost Famous post was awarded Best Reference to a D-Celebrity (That’s me!) for my super awesome diabetes advocacy. Wahoo! Famous!!! TODAY’S RUN: 3 p.m. BG before: 8.1 Carbs: none Temp. basal: -50 per cent (1 hour) Time: 34.06 minutes Distance: 6.13 km Average pace: 5:34 min/km Average cadence: 88 spm 4 p.m. BG …

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Almost famous

I’m famous! I’m famous! I’m famous! OHMYGAWD!!! I’m famous! That’s ME!!! When I was contacted by Canadian Running Magazine a few months back asking if I’d be interested in participating in an article on running with diabetes, I was 100 per cent all over it. For 2 seconds. Long enough to breathe a second of excitement before realizing oh crud, the tables have turned. I live my life behind a pen and notepad. I live my life asking questions. I live my life nosying around other people’s lives. I’m the journalist. Not the subject. Oh crud. I swear to you, I spent a good half a day, prior to the evening interview, freaking out. Massively freaking out! What if I was a horrible interview. What if I rambled a mile a minute making absolutely no sense. What if the only words coming out of my mouth were uhm, uhm, uhm. …

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