Princess of…cycling???

Hello World, it’s me, PoP… you know, the one who used to blog all the time, sometimes five times a week, but who has been rather, ahem, silent, incognito, non-existent for like pretty much five months! Yeah, I’m still here.

What have I been doing? Well, I’ll tell you what I haven’t been doing. I haven’t been running. Seems odd having a blog all about running with diabetes when you still got the diabetes (no cure yet) but you’re not running, right. I haven’t run since Global Heroes on Oct. 5. For those of you who can’t count your fingers as well as me, that’s coming up on seven annoying, ohmygawdIwanttochopmyfootoffandgetanewone months. I am still plagued by a foot injury that has been diagnosed so many different things over the course of more than $1000 in treatment, I have no idea what the frick is wrong with it, all I know is the heel off and on aches. I’ve gone through physio, IMS treatments, chiro, AMT, and acupuncture. Acupuncture seemed to help temporarily, but once I discovered it, we lost our medical benefits and I’m not in a position to be doling out $60 twice a week indefinitely for treatment. So, I live with it.

And I don’t run.



I spent the winter strength training, which has never been my strong area. I’ve hopped on and off the band wagon so many times I’ve lost count. I don’t know what it is, but I can run and hike and ride my bike for hours, but put me with a set a weights and one minute feels like a bloody torturous three hours! I hate gyms, so I needed something I could do at home. A friend of mine suggested the Beachbody, 21-day fix workout. I was skeptical, as I don’t like anything attached to fad diets (that may be a future blog), but it was a collection of 30-minute workouts; surely, I could manage 30 minutes. Surely. And holy freaking hell, I did. Like four or five times a week. And I still am for the most part. And you know what, I actually have definition in my belly, which I have never had!!!


But it’s not the same.

I want to run. Desperately. My brain functions better when I run. My problem solving works when I run. My patience is 5,000-fold when I run. My smile beams when I run. My happiness, my confidence, my love for life brims when I run.

But my foot isn’t getting better.

There will be no running this summer.

But there WILL be cycling.

I’ve dusted off the cobwebs of dear Holly GoQuickly, and since ending my last semester a week and a half ago I’ve been out on three rides with the lovely lady. The first was a bit ambitious at 67 km over 4.5 hours. Holy hell my butt, and, ahem, other areas, were screaming bloody murder at me. Two days later we were back at it for a shorter jaunt of 45 km over 2 hours and 45 minutes. And today, it was 54.5 km. My butt still hates me. But my smile is growing wider, and the lightness in my heart is getting lighter. I love the outside world, and my goal for the summer is hopefully 2 rides a week.


And with that, maybe, just maybe, there will be a flood of new blog posts too. I hope 🙂

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