Battle of the pumps

Ohhh Animas, you had so much going for you. Just a few short weeks ago, you were the front runner pump for replacement, but unfortunately, yesterday’s mishap, well, that was a bit of a kick in the credibility teeth.

So there I was standing on the street, waiting for the traffic light to change, when all of a sudden I heard the clank of something falling next to me and felt a tugging at my belly that quickly turned into a full-blown yank. When I looked down – holy freaking bejezus! – there was my pump hanging in the breeze – HANGING!!! – with nothing but my skin keeping it from crashing down to the ground. What the???

And the clank, well that was half of the pump’s clip lying on the pavement, completely removed from the pump, and my waistband for that matter, where it belonged. It broke. Again. For no apparent reason other than the fact Animas clips have been shoddy from day 1. Seriously, they’re like the Ikea of insulin pump clips!


Too bad.

This December, I’m up for a replacement pump, and in the four years I’ve been with Animas, I’ve gone through four pumps, two meters, and too many clips to count. I’ve waterlogged the so-called waterproof pump; cracked a meter after it slipped out of my hands on to the cement; have somehow caused the pump to power down and revert back to factory settings, etc., etc.. And every time I’ve had an issue, I’ve called the toll-free number and every time a replacement has been en route within hours – clips included.

There is no doubt Animas is top of the line when it comes to customer service. But product quality, that’s got to count for something too right.

So, now the question is, which pump will be my next pump???

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