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I’m what some might call a quasi lazy diabetic.

Despite the fact I am OCD when it comes to obtaining BG perfection with my blood sugars, testing, on average, at least 12 or more times a day, I’ve been known to let the ball drop when it comes to physically recording my blood sugars, and for that matter, my insulin doses.

For years I relied on the memory of my machines, only bringing them out on the hour drive to my endocrinologist’s office, frantically jotting a month’s worth of readings down while my moms drove the car.

And when I got the pump, I’d make changes to my doses on the pump, but I never kept a file of what those doses were. If the pump was ever to crap out and revert back to factory settings, like it did recently, I would have had nothing to fall back on. My memory is nowhere near strong enough to remember 8 different doses plus 5 or more insulin-to-carb ratios throughout the day.

Ahh, but my world of diabetes changed thanks to technology. No longer do I frantically scribble out my blood sugars the day of appointments, not when I’ve got a plug from my metre to computer downloading them all in about a minute.

And my insulin doses, oh man, this is brilliant – hello iPhone – hello pocket camera – hello snap-snap. Forever documented in less than a second!

So yeah, when my pump totally crapped out the other day, and my settings went blank, I was not freaking out. Nope. I’d just made a few changes to the settings a couple days prior, of which I permanently stamped into my iPhone’s camera roll.


Diabetes insta-photo! 😀

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  1. brilliant. I feel stupid for not thinking of that before. I always had my settings written down somewhere but I never knew where.
    Not that it matters much now that I’m not pumping but still, so smart.

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