Some days…

Some days, the last thing you want to do is pull yourself out of bed when the 5 a.m. alarm shrieks from across the room.

Some days, the hardest thing is squeezing into your sports bra, putting on your shorts, and lacing up your sneakers.

Some days, the thought of a 35-minute tempo run feels as though a marathon was looking back at you.

Some days was today.

When the alarm sounded, I was dead to the world. My eyes were stuck shut, my body felt as though it was the mass of 5,000 tonnes and my head as though it had vice grips securing it to my pillow. The thought of a tempo run was not at all welcomed.

I dragged my sorry self out of bed. I trudged to the washroom with my clothes and gear. I soft stepped down the stairs (no waking Little Ring allowed!). I grumble-whispered Good Morning to a smiling Big Ring, who was already up watching this morning’s stage of the tour, laced up my shoes, and slumped out the door.

I started running, but my eyes were still sticky with sleep and my legs felt like they were slugging through mud. It was as though a moody black cloud were hovering just above. This was going to be a long, painful run.

But then, there it was, my savior. Without even a thought, without a debate, or a weighing of the pros and cons, I ran full on through that ice cold line of sprinklers. And that there changed my run. It was as though I had a drunk a 2L bottle of Jolt!

Instant caffeine!


  • 5 a.m. BG before: 3.5
  • Temp. basal: none
  • Carbs: granola bar (15g) no bolus
  • Distance: 6:36 km — 5′ warmup/25′ tempo/5′ cool down
  • Average tempo pace: 5:15 min/km
  • Time: 35:10
  • 6 a.m. BG after: 7.5
  • Temp. basal: +50% for 0.5 hours

For a run that started out so poor, it ended up being so super awesome! I was able to keep my tempo pace within the average (5:00-5:15 min/km) and when I felt my legs slowing, which inevitably I did, I gave them my best Jens Voigt “Shut up legs!” – and they ACTUALLY listened!

So there you go folks, sometimes what seems like a bloody awful idea (5 a.m., can I really be blamed!) can end up being a super freaking awesome reality!

This morning’s sunrise!

And not only was it a great run, it was a smart run. With today’s temperatures again rising into the high 20s, I was quite pleased – and relieved – about getting my run out of the way first thing when the temperatures were still somewhat bearable. And for every runner I passed midday sweating through that scorching sun, of which there were plenty, I felt a pang of sorryness for them, but, uhm, sorry guys, there may have also been a bit of silent gloating going on too.

And with the run out of the way, I was able to spend the rest of the day touring our beautiful city, carefree and fancy free, with my two favourite Rings 😀


How do you get yourself out of the door when you’re faced with those evil Some Day moments?

3 thoughts on “Some days…”

  1. You look great!
    Your kid is super cute.

    My morning runs were my favourite when I was working a bit later in the morning (now I leave the house at 6). It was the most refreshing way to wake up. Sure, sometimes they sucked but the worst part was just getting out the door. Everything changed once I was moving. So on days that I was dead to the world I just reminded myself how much BETTER I will feel if I can just get moving.

  2. That’s so awesome that you’re embracing these early mornings! They’re tough but nothing feels better than eating your miles so early and having the rest of the day ahead of you. And whoa, great pace! And such a pretty picture, love it!

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