Too loud. Too dark. Too long.

Last week Little Ring and I went on a BIG adventure, and by big, I mean, a big screen adventure. We’d been hearing for months about Movies for Mommies and Stars and Strollers, which enable moms the opportunity to go to the theatre with their babes. And given that I was once an avid movie goer, practically hitting up the theatre every week, I was naturally intrigued – but also a little scared. I mean, crying babies, how much fun could that be??? I’m the kind of gal who likes to get ingrained in a movie, get wrapped into the plot and the characters, and distractions (talking, texting, popcorn lip smacking) are most definitely worthy of an evil death glare. So yeah, crying babies, wasn’t really thinking that would fit into my movie-loving mould.

But I really wanted to go to the movies; I missed going to the movies; and by golly, what a great opportunity, I didn’t have to find childcare, I could just bring the boy with me, and with parents like Big Ring and myself, it was high time he started developing a love of his own for the big screen. But we weren’t going to go to a Disney movie, or a Spongebob Square Pants movie, oh no, we were going to the Oscars: Les Miserables.

Off to a good start…

Sigh. It didn’t take long for me to realize that maybe a movie I had desperately wanted to see wasn’t the right movie to go and see. Too loud. Too long. Too dark.

For the first hour, Little Ring was amazing. He sat in my lap, his eyes as big as saucers, staring up at the big screen, with drool dripping down his chin. However, it seems my dislike for long movies is hereditary. After just one hour, Little Ring was getting squirmy (at least I can last 1.5 hours, 2 hours tops!). Despite Cineplex advertising a quieter setting for these movies, I’m sure it was just as loud as any other movie I’d seen there, which was becoming much too much for the boy. There were no tears, but his babbling kept getting louder and louder and louder until finally he was letting off bursts of shrieks every two seconds. I thought, okay, maybe I could get him to nap, but no, the bright lights of the movie, which were accentuated by the pitch blackness of the theatre proved far too stimulating for the boy to want to shut his eyes for even half a second. Do you blame him? By two hours in, I was like, okay, there can’t possibly be that much longer to go, I can get the boy home for a nap, all will be good. Oh how wrong I was – THREE FREAKING HOURS THAT MOVIE WAS!!! Are you kidding me???

Needless to say, we suffered a major meltdown that evening. Maybe we’re a little young for the movies yet 🙁


  • 5:15 p.m. BG before: 4.2
  • Temp. basal: none; had 4 crackers and peanut butter with no bolus
  • Distance: 20 minutes running, no walk breaks
  • 6 p.m BG after: 6.4

In closing, my take on Les Miserables: It was beautifully crafted; Anne Hathaway’s pained voice chilled you to the bone; there was a scene late in the movie that brought me so close to tears; but my gawd, three hours, NO MOVIE should be three hours. Learn how to freaking edit directors! Sheesh.

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