UPDATE: Don’t you dare quit on me

With regards to yesterday’s post, I first want to thank everyone for the comments, messages and encouragements sent my way. And second, I want to make it clear that in no way was I trying to discredit or come down on anyone who has had a caesarean section for whatever reason. That was not the point I was trying to make at all.

The point I am making is that once again it feels like I’m being treated as a label, not an individual, that the doctors are looking at me as a type-1 diabetic, not as a person who has had a healthy pregnancy, that they’re quitting on me, simply because of my diabetes, before they even have a chance to see what I can do. And that frustrates the tears right out of me!

Sure, the idea of not having to go through the pain and endurance of labour sounded somewhat appealing, of course it did, but the minimum six-week recovery period afterwards, that doesn’t. Not one bit.

And the ensuing scar (I know this is going to sound shallow) that doesn’t entice me either. When you’ve lived nearly your whole life with a giant scar already covering half your belly, feel free to judge me then, but only then. If not, you can’t – you don’t know what it’s like. And it doesn’t matter how small and unobtrusive they tell me the scar will be, it doesn’t matter. They told my moms the same thing when I was three years old and had an appendix near burst. Didn’t quite work out that way.

It’s like the stitch job of a Tim Burton character!

Now, I’m not stupid, nor completely selfish. If in the end I do require a c-section for the health of my baby or myself, then yes, by all means cut me open – but my gawd, don’t you dare quit on me before even trying!

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  1. I thought about replying yesterday to express my support for you, but then decided I have nothing to say (from experience, anyway) so I didn’t. But let me say, you are not shallow for not wanting to be cut open. Even though it’s become “routine”, it doesn’t sound particularly appealing, and there’s always risk involved. C-sections are, in my mind, something to do “in case of emergency”, not something to help the doctors plan out their schedules for the day. (Again, I’m a guy, what do I know?)

    1. Hmm… I think you probably know more than you give yourself credit for Scott. You’re a dad twice over – that’s a helluva lot more experience in the delivery room than I have 😀

  2. Hey Katie I read yesterday’s post & today’s and thought I’d comment. I did not have gestational diabetes, but did have a huge kid (10lbs12ozs!!!!). And the docs knew he was going to be big, but never mentioned c-section to me as the original plan of attack. It was just always considered a “back-up plan”. After 17 hours of back labour (he was sunny side up – the wrong position) my doctor finally said – he’s too big, we’ll have to do a c-section. Then while getting me prepped for it my boy’s heart rate dropped (the cord was wrapped around his neck). Let me tell you after what felt like a lifetime of labour, they had my boy out in 2 minutes flat. And when I got to hold him finally, everything that happened previously didn’t matter at all. I had the greatest gift of my life!!!!
    Good luck & all the best with your labour, whichever way it goes 🙂
    P.S. The recovery does suck, you are quite sore at first, but I was getting around fine in about 3 weeks.
    P.P.S. My scar is quite small & is just on top of my pubic bone, so actually it’s basically covered by a bathing suit 🙂

  3. C-sections are a big old deal! I’ve seen so many friends go through heck recovering from them, and, like you, I’d rather not go there if it’s not medically necessary.

    Also, I love your mom and her comments. 🙂

    1. I love my moms and her comments too… she’s pretty special, I mean, you kind of have to be to put up with me (see next post) 😉

  4. Katie – sending you positive energy for a safe and beautiful birth – no matter how your child makes her/his debut!

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