Hollywood knows best

So, you know this whole breathing during childbirth thing. Well, apparently, it’s a pretty big deal. Apparently, you can’t just walk in and figure you’re good to go even though you’ve been breathing pretty darn awesomely for the last 34 years. Oh no, there’s specific hee-hee, hoo-hoo skills to be learned… apparently.

Skills that I don’t have… despite going to 6 weeks of prenatal classes, which I was sure would teach me how to breathe, and yet, for the life of me, I can’t recall one breathing technique taught to me… nope, I just remember the horrific stuff, not the critical stuff. Awesome.

And so,  I did what any sane mom-to-be would do: I buckled down for some serious “breathing” research – via Hollywood: Look Who’s Talking, Nine Months, Knocked Up, Junior, Alien (because you never know when a thumb-sucking alien baby will pop out of your stomach!).

What more could I possibly need?

However, when I mentioned my studying strategy to my moms, I think she nearly had a heart attack. Apparently, Hollywood is not the source. I disagree. I mean seriously, check out these clips – how can that not be reality?

You be the judge 😀

Courtesy of Hollywood Streams

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