This woman

This woman is the most beautiful woman I know:

She has a heart of gold, ears of a saint, and the hard-working hands of a carpenter.

She will hula-hoop with you at any age.

Will try to ‘Time Out’ and backtrack stories much to the laughter of all around her.

And will be the best cheering crew at any race.

Her eyes will instantly sparkle in the presence of her four children, nine-and-a-half grandchildren, and one great grandchild, and will do anything for them. She will cradle her six-year-old sobbing daughter if she’s just been run out of a birthday party by stupid bullies; she will sleep on an uncomfortable hospital cot to ensure her child doesn’t have to spend the night alone; she will cut her vacations short and hop on a jet at the first mention her child is in hospital; no matter what, no matter where, no matter how, this woman will always be there.

This woman is my moms, the most wonderful, caring, amazing woman I know.

Happy Birthday Moms. Thank you for always being there for me; for inspiring me to work hard; for never letting me believe I couldn’t be anything but amazing; for encouraging my off-beat singing; and for having the most incredible mother’s intuition those nights I went into convulsions.

I love you to pieces!

2 thoughts on “This woman”

  1. lovely tribute and gift to your mom…she will be such a mentor and support preson for you and Baby B…what a wonderful entry into the world/ BB will be wrapped into a family whose ties are close as the stitches on a quilt…you’re cut from good cloth and you know it and honour it – well done.

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