Deja vu

Today, Big Ring and I celebrated holiday week number 2 with a 2.5 hour hike around Lynn Valley; it was my 7th hike since last Saturday. And my goodness, it’s like deju vu every time I put on my hiking shoes.

And not because I’m trekking around the same routes – in fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve hiked Buntzen Lake, Westwood, Lynn Valley Loop, and today’s 9 km Lynn Valley Loop with a Headwaters Trail extension added to the mix. Nope, it’s blood sugar deja vu I’m experiencing.

It doesn’t matter whether I’m on old terrain or never before hiked terrain; it doesn’t matter if I’m hiking with Big Ring, or my favourite hiking chick; it doesn’t matter if I start early in the morning or after lunch – my blood sugars are pretty near identical every time I go out at every point I test. Perfectly identical.

I test before the hike and they’re generally around 9 or 10, which is not perfect for most times, but before a hike it’s perfect for me, and purposely made that way (by half bolusing at meal time) because I know they’ll drop down lickity split when on the trails. I test one hour into the hike and five of the seven hikes I’ve gone on, they’ve registered in at 4.4, and the other three hikes they’ve been within .1 or .2 of that 4.4. I chase that reading with a Zbar, which I do not bolus for to ensure the BG does not bottom out. And at the end of the hike, no matter how long the hike, my readings are almost always 5.4. Perfection!

We like BG perfection!

I told you thumb-sucking alien baby loves the hiking 😀

As do Big Ring and I!

5 thoughts on “Deja vu”

  1. Lickety-Split!!?
    Boy, just over a week away from the ol’ newsroom and your vocab has gone all to hell!! 🙂
    But nice to see that hiking agrees with you, although one wonders (well, at least I wonder) what trauma furry woodland creatures suffer at the sight of you fording (but nimbly, nimbly) fragile forest streams 🙂
    So in the interest of wildlife conservation I hope you hurry back to the ol’ newsroom – lickety-split 🙂

  2. Holy crrrrap I haven’t seen you in awhile! You’re looking pretty preggers girl.
    I’m loving all these hiking posts. I’m glad you found something you can do, I’m sure you’d be pulling your hair out if you didn’t!

  3. Oh my gosh, you are seriously pregnant and voluptuous. I have this thing, if I don’t see my friends pregnant I cannot figure out where the rug rat came from, so it’s great to see this photo. Totally don’t understand the bolus thing, but I am happy to read and see for myself that you are doing fab-u-lousssss-ly.

  4. Katie, I hope you hurry back to the newsroom as well!! While you were hiking the Fraser Valley there was a $4 million dollar error made in the school board budget and only the Times (spitting noise) reported on the story. You appear to be irrreplaceable. 🙂

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