‘Jam tomorrow, jam yesterday, but never jam today’

Two things.

Number 1: I’ve still got this bloody cold. My nose is still stuffed up, my voice is nasally, my ears feel like they’ve got cotton balls stuffed in them (I CAN’T HEAR!!!). I’m hacking up a lung (usually when trying to sleep or  trying to conduct an interview), I’ve got a chest full of congestion, and you wouldn’t believe the amounts of clear snot I’m blowing out of my nose. Where the hell is this stuff coming from? It’s freaking ridiculous!

Number 2: The insulin shooting through my blood stream seems to have gone on holidays the last two days. My blood sugars have been so disgustingly high. I thought at first it was because of the jam I had on my toast yesterday morning. Normally when I have toast, I opt for peanut butter, which doesn’t generally spike my blood sugars, but yesterday, I wanted strawberry jam. And it’s not like this jam was packed with sugar, it was half sugar with 5 carbs per tablespoon, meaning it had easy insulin manageability. Or so I thought.

Not two hours later, my BG had skyrocketed from 7.4 to 16.3. What the? I was freaking mad, like scrunching up my face, yelling in my head mad. But I wasn’t yelling at me, oh no, I was yelling at that damn jam.

Bad jam! Bad jam!

This morning, though, I had to apologize. I did not have jam this morning, I had sworn off the jam, promising never to allow its yumminess in my mouth again. And yet, it was like groundhog day for my BGs. Despite not having jam, despite eating something that never spikes my blood sugars, three hours post breakfast, I was fighting numbers in the 14s. Are you freaking kidding me? These are not numbers I like. These are not numbers I’m used to. These are not numbers that are in line with good diabetic numbers. What the frick is going on?

The peaks and valleys of my day 🙁

I changed my infusion when I got home from work, hoping that maybe that was the problem, but I didn’t see any unwanted air bubbles in the reservoir, and the canula was still perfectly straight, not bent, not hooked, not munched up. So no, don’t think that was the problem.

Seriously frustrated…

5 thoughts on “‘Jam tomorrow, jam yesterday, but never jam today’”

  1. Gee, clear snot, huh?
    Green Grodies, you say?
    Blood sugars gone all whacky?
    Hmmm … maybe you’re sick!!
    Of course I’m no doctor … hey!! Wait a minute!! There’s an idea!!
    Why don’t you see a doctor!!?? 🙂
    But seriously, my friend, I do get your frustration.
    I KNOW you’re doing everything you can to get better.
    If it helps at all, I’m right there with you … like this angel I woke up to once upon a time standing at the foot of my hospital bed 🙂
    Scared the bejeebers out of me!! 🙂

  2. Dude, when I had a nasty cold about a month ago I swore I was going to dehydrate from the amount of snot that was coming out of my head. I was actually in disgusted amazement. Like, where the F am I storing all this snot?

    Sounds like you’ve had an uber frustrating time with sick and BG’s. Wait it out… It will get better. I sometimes go through a week of nonsense trends that eventually fix themselves.

    chin up girl!

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