What would you do?

Am I ready for the Nike Women’s Half? I don’t know, I really, really don’t know.

On the one hand, I have completely fugged up my training, like completely. When I started back in July, which was like a month later than I probably should have (what can I say, I was in major marathon hangover mode at the time) but still had fully intended on logging longer mileage in an effort to try to emulate that super amazing race – AND TIME! – I had at the Toronto Half in May while training for my second marathon later that month.

My body, however, had other plans.

With just six weeks left of training, I got pummeled by injury, an injury so bloody annoying, it had me off not just running, but ALL training for a full week, and then running for a full three weeks. The last time I was injured, I was at least able to keep up with my cycling, aqua jogging, pilates and any other cross training I so desired (just not running) to keep up my endurance. And so, because of that, my longest run, which was waaay back in August, was just 17 km.

So, maybe a little disadvantage, you think?

But then, on the other hand, I went out for a 14.5 km run late last week, my last planned LSD run until race day, and my god, it was a  good run, a run I so desperately needed. I felt great, like I could have kept going, but forced myself to stop just to be on the safe side. It felt, I don’t know, like I belonged out there you know – those, my friends, are the best kinds of runs!

I ran around the river and back 😀

So, what do I do? Do I race this race? Do I go out hard and see where it takes me? Or, do I just make it another run, not a race, just a run? Stay tuned, tomorrow I shall share with you my plans for NWM.

What would you do?

3 thoughts on “What would you do?”

  1. Ha I’m with Scully… we know you’re going to do it anyway! When you were here and we had dinner, I remember telling you I was going to run a half I hadn’t trained for and you thought I was bonkers… but I did it, and while it did hurt, I was completely fine the next day (so weird…)! Good luck, lady 🙂

  2. very tough call. hate to miss a race I’m training for but getting reinjured SUCKS big time. I’d try another long run test if you got the time or seriously think about run/walking the big race

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