Two little monkeys swinging in a tree

Last week I went rock climbing, today I went tree climbing.

I was a little concerned when I headed out for today’s 19 km run as that fall on the black ice on Friday left me with one gimped, super tight, throbbing thigh … seriously, if you’d seen me walking down the stairs the last two days, you either would have burst out laughing at the 10 minute excursion or cringed feeling my pain. All day yesterday I tried to loosen it up, I iced it multiple times a day, had hot baths, massaged it on the foam roller, went on the trainer for a light 30-minute spin, and while it all helped, my walk was still seriously messed up. But quitting on today’s run was not an option.


  • 8 a.m. BG before: 7.5 (granola bar, no bolus = big mistake!)
  • Temp. basal: -50 per cent (set an hour beforehand)
  • Distance: 19 km (LSD)
  • Average pace: 7:09 min/km
  • Average heart rate: Forgot my monitor, so 0
  • Time: 2:16:00
  • @45 minutes: GU gel @60 minutes: BG 9.5 @90 minutes: GU gel
  • 11 a.m. BG after: 13.8 🙁

Carol and I ran through Discovery Trail which is a great trail for hill lovers such as myself, one after the other after the other after the other. We ran with a mallard (seriously, the duck was totally running alongside us, but got camera shy the second I pulled my camera out, and dove into the water next to us). And yes, we got stopped by blown over trees. But we didn’t let them get in our way, oh no.

I felt my thigh the entire run, it was tight as hell, but the interesting thing is that while I was running the tightness subsided and I felt great, I really did, but the second a walk break came, it was like starting all over again with the tightness throbbing and the walking completely messed up. Weird. On the upside though, not one scream of pain from my dear ankle! In fact, if my calculations serve me correctly, it’s been two weeks since I last felt her pain. Could this be a change for the better? Oh I do so very much hope so.

And the last kilometre of the run, Carol told me if I was feeling it to take off, and so I did, and averaged 5:34 km per hour in that last kilometre, and my best pace was 4:31!!!


  • 6 a.m. BG: 8.5
  • I:C ratio: 17:1
  • 2 slice raisin toast: 42g
  • 2T peanut butter: 0g
  • 1/2 banana: 10 g
  • 1/2c smoothie: 15g
  • Total carbs: 67g
  • Total bolus: 3.85 units
  • Didn’t give a BG correction of .80 units

Instead of taking my insulin two seconds before eating like I usually do, I took 3.35 units as soon as I got up (I knew what the carbs were for the toast and smoothie) to get the insulin working right away and hopefully make it so I wouldn’t have a spike right before the run. I had a shower and then ate 15 minutes after taking my first bolus (I had to add the banana bolus right before eating as I weigh those for the proper carb counts). While my above BG numbers may tell otherwise, this technique did seemingly work, but I screwed it up with the granola bar before the run … here’s to further ironing out the kinks.

2 thoughts on “Two little monkeys swinging in a tree”

  1. Robert Freeman

    Holy bolus!! It never ceases to amaze me the calculations you perform on a daily basis, or the determination you display running despite all kinds of injuries and pains. You are a better man than me!! 🙂 I shut down the minute ANYTHING hurts 🙂 I gotta confess I was a tad disappointed that your blog wasn’t about climbing UP trees, but climbing OVER trees – as you know how well adapted (or unadapted, as the case may be) I think you are for arboreal activities 🙂

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