The Big Ring


He can deny it all he wants, ’til the cows come home, even longer (and you know he will), but I know the truth, as I’m sure many of you do too. The Big Ring is a runner! For more than a year now Big Ring has been going on and on about how he’s not a runner, runners are weird, runners are strange, why would anyone want to be a runner – especially when cycling is the other option? And yet, he’s been running. On one of our first runs together this fall; can’t you just see the enjoyment on his face? See, the spring, summer, fall months are generally his cycling months, but once mid fall on the West Coast hits, it’s about five months of cold, wet weather that his precious Lapierre just cannot withstand. And in this household, we like our cookies and chocolate – a lot! …

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It’s crazy how long the build-up for Christmas is, hey (I’m pretty sure I heard my first carol the day after Halloween) and then how quick it comes to an end. These last few days have been a blur of social gatherings, glittery shoes, movie goings, Christmas traditions, and chaotic festivities. Today, the day after Christmas, the wrapping paper is all put away, the cookie crumbles fast forming, and the clock back to it’s regular tick-tock, tick-tock. But the memories, they will always stay. Vancouver Christmas Market. On Thursday evening we went to the Vancouver Christmas Market with our favourite Italian family. In just its second year, the German market already had way more vendors than the previous year. All around us there was music, German dialect, German pastries, German burnt cheese (blech!) German wine and German beer. There were German knick knacks, German stines, and a whole assortment of …

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