running reunion

Trio of sneakers

Well, it’s official. I’m scared of my own shadow. I didn’t think it possible. I thought that was just fictional Roger Rabbit type fare, but nope, the other night it became clear, it can happen in real life. It happened to me – multiple times. What, you don’t think that’s scary? Turn out the lights and you might change your tune… I was out on a run with my favourite running chick and speedy – a reunion run of sorts – we were running along a super dark corridor, so dark and scary our speeds on the Garmin almost always increase along that 2 km stretch. When out of the corner of my eye, I saw a couple of dark figures coming at us, I swear I nearly jumped out of my shoes. My stomach dropped into my ankles, my throat clenched right up. And in the milliseconds that followed, my head …

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Princess + Mr. Sneakers = Oh Happy Day!

“Well hello there Mr. Sneakers, how are you today?“ “Fantastic!“ “Me too!  Want to know why?“ Because after days and weeks of my dear Mr. Sneakers being forced into isolation against his will, and gathering dust in the bike room closet where all the other no-longer used running shoes are stored, breaking my heart with every forlorn howl he made, it all came to an end today. Finally, Mr Sneakers and I (best buddies!) were reunited. And what a reunion it was. I wiped his tears away, laced him up, and together we frolicked in the streets. It took 10 days, 5 of which were spent in bed, 6 movies, half a book, and 4 straight episodes of Tru Blood before I finally crested the sickness hump. My gawd! I was going insane. I was becoming stir crazy, miserable, guilty with lack of exercise, and my nose, oh man, did …

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