running in hot weather

Living the Perpetuem dream

Yesterday was the first real summer day we’ve experienced here on the West Coast, and because my body has suffered through nine months of nasty, ugly, cold  weather it hasn’t yet had a chance to acclimatize to the heat, and as a result, I suffered a major heat-related migraine last night. And I got to say, sitting in front of the computer with a head that feels like someone is pounding nails into it probably wasn’t the best thing to do … but then again, I didn’t really make a whole lot of smart choices yesterday (keep reading). And because I was somewhat distracted by the agonizing pain, I completely neglected the most important fact of Saturday’s Grouse Grind achievement: the post-Grind chocolate gelato topped with a piece of fleur de sel milk chocolate – oh yum 😀 It feels like Paris every time we visit Chocoaterie de la Nouvelle …

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Dead chick running

Guess what! Guess what! Guess what! I have a new training partner and you’ll never guess who it is – MY BIG BROTHER!!! Okay maybe he’s not my full-on training partner, but we’re getting there 😀 So this morning I sent him a text letting him know that I’d be running 5 km after work, and asked if he was in? And while I’d love to say that I sent it in all seriousness, truthfully it was done with a little bit of a gloating jibe … what can I say, it’s been awhile since I reminded him of this here day: So totally my most favourite photo right now! But my oh my, did my Big Brother ever come back with a surprise for me. Apparently he wants to run with me, on a regular basis, like once a week, which I’m super duper excited about, I love hanging out …

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