Nike Women’s Run

A feast without poison

Brrrr! I’d forgotten what it was like to run in the snow! On Monday, Big Ring, Little Ring and I went for an evening run. It was Big Ring’s first run of the season; Little Ring’s first run ever; and my first run with a stroller… mind you, Big Ring took the reins on that front, so in this post we’ll focus on the snow. Excited to be cross training for the upcoming cycling season I knew it had snowed, I’d gotten a morning text from Big Ring stating just that, I’d heard on the radio there was snow, and Facebook, my gawd, it was like scroll for the snow. But because I hadn’t stepped out of the loft all day, that snow didn’t fully register when dressing for the run. I dressed just as I’d been dressing for all my other runs: One base layer, plus an extra wicking …

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Naked runner

Dear readers, I need your help, advice actually. But I’ll get to that in a moment. First, I need to express a little something here: Yippee! Hooray! Hourra! Wonderbar! Jupiiii! Urra! Hallelujah! Oh how I have missed you dear sneakers. I went for a run after work yesterday, just a short one, a painstakingly slow one in fact, and the whole time I was freaking out about my knee. I hadn’t run in 24 days, and as a result I knew my body would be rigid, un-flexible, and my head would likely be mimicking that of a bird’s with my shoulders scrunched right up into my ears. So, I stripped down my friends, ran completely naked … well, the runner’s equivalent of naked that is. No Garmin. No iPod. Just me, my sneakers, shorts, technical shirt and hat. Ahhh, so exhilarating 😉 No ear buds, no Garmin. I purposely went …

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