BOB stroller

Running with BOB, part 2

So. BOB. I suppose I should retract some of my former statements regarding my newest running partner. I suppose I should say I don’t loathe him, I don’t hate him, he’s not the worst thing to happen to running since toe shoes, but I’m kind of stubborn so I’m not going to outright say that 😉 Instead, I will tell you that we’ve actually kind of started working through those kilometres together, no longer fighting each other with each stride/roll we take. I don’t procrastinate my runs with him, nor do I fret them. It seems, I’ve finally resigned to the fact BOB is my new running partner… no getting around that. But my gawd, trying to keep up a good, solid, coach-instructed tempo pace – with BOB – is freaking hard as hell! Coach NZ wants me to be pacing out my tempo runs below 5:30 min/km, which should be …

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Running with BOB

Dear BOB, I’m really not sure how much longer this relationship of ours will last. I had had such high hopes for our running friendship months before we were even introduced, but my gawd, practically every time we meet you terribly disappoint. Shall we start with your blatant rotundness dear pal? I don’t know who you’re trying to kid here, it doesn’t matter how much of that “slimming” dark blue you try to camouflage yourself with, it is so painfully obvious you need to lose weight. A lot of weight! I mean, seriously, you told me you had a lean frame, you told me you were light as a feather, you told me you were so fit, you could run like the Kenyans, but the second I saw you, I knew you were lying, I knew you were nothing more than a oaf that’s been planted in front of the …

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