Big Ring

New cyclist on the block

Oh yes he did… So the other day Big Ring came charging up the stairs, bubbles of excitement bursting out of him. He had a surprise, something he wanted to keep a secret, but something that was so brilliant, he just could not hold it in any longer than the mere seconds he already had. “Guess what I got for Little Ring,” he shouted, a beaming smile on his face. “What?” I asked. “Guess!” “A new book?” “Nope.” “A 60-inch plasma?” “Nope.” “A rocket ship that would put Superman in the dirt?” “Nope.” He looked at me like I should have known, like I was crazy for guessing the guesses I had guessed, and when he couldn’t take it anymore, he blurted the surprise out… “I GOT HIM A BABY CYCLING SUIT!!!” Yep, you read that correctly. My baby is just over a month old and already has his first …

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For the love of Vespa

Seven years ago, when I first saw that pastel pink Vespa (a princess in her own right) in the display window of a shop downtown, I was instantly in love. How could I not be? Her cupcake pink hue, her gleaming chrome, her style – I had to have her. And every opportunity I got, I would go down and stare at that little princess, envisioning myself atop her, with a smile that could only be accented by Marilyn red lipstick, and a rosy glow on my wind-flushed cheeks. The logistics of my commute, however, just didn’t work for a Vespa lifestyle. And soon, my pink princess was sold. Fast forward a few years and the love for the Vespa hit me again, smack hard in the face. Big Ring and I were in Nice at the time, checking out an Italian festival. While his eyes were drawn to the shiny …

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16 weeks: brisk and bulbous

It was bound to happen, that day was sure to come, but given my natural tendencies towards a life of blissful denial, I didn’t believe it would ever come for me. Oh how wrong I was. Two weeks ago, my body quit running on the same day my wearable pre-pregnancy clothes stopped zipping up. Sigh 🙁 Bon voyage dear running shoes… Big Ring and I went for our last light run a couple of weeks ago and it was tougher than a run has been for me in a long time. I was winded, my legs were heavy, my tights were TIGHT, and my belly was so unbelievably uncomfortable, like cramping uncomfortable. I was fighting the demons in my head almost right from the get-go, weighing my options, hearing the words of the naysaying doctors and trying to drown them out with the pro-running doctors. But to no avail. Half …

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