New cyclist on the block

Oh yes he did…

So the other day Big Ring came charging up the stairs, bubbles of excitement bursting out of him. He had a surprise, something he wanted to keep a secret, but something that was so brilliant, he just could not hold it in any longer than the mere seconds he already had.

“Guess what I got for Little Ring,” he shouted, a beaming smile on his face.
“What?” I asked.
“A new book?”
“A 60-inch plasma?”
“A rocket ship that would put Superman in the dirt?”
He looked at me like I should have known, like I was crazy for guessing the guesses I had guessed, and when he couldn’t take it anymore, he blurted the surprise out…

Yep, you read that correctly. My baby is just over a month old and already has his first cycling suit, with back pockets (for the bottles and wipes of course) and sponsors (including Babble and Eat-Poo-Ride) to boot.

Look out Cav, there’s a new cyclist on the block!

Can you guess what Little Ring’s going to be for Halloween 😀

In other crazy parent kid news: Not only has Little Ring somehow learned how to use the iPad and send his mama emails while she’s sleeping (I kid you not, I got an email from my kid) he is also the newest member on Twitter. And let me just say, he’s pretty insightful (and hilarious) for such a little guy whose life circulates around eat, sleep and poop.

Follow the little guy at @TheLittleRing1 and prepare to have your mind blown 😉

4 thoughts on “New cyclist on the block”

  1. Hey!!
    I don’t want to start anything … but you COULD buy Little Ring one of those fedora’s with a press card stuck in the head band!!
    Just saying 🙂

  2. OK, I am now following Little Ring on Twitter. This goes against every ethical fiber of my body, and I feel so wrong doing it. But your baby is hilarious, and I could sure use some humor in my life.

    How long before you and Dad change your Twitter names to @Tall1withBoobies and @Tall1withoutBoobs?

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