16 weeks: brisk and bulbous

It was bound to happen, that day was sure to come, but given my natural tendencies towards a life of blissful denial, I didn’t believe it would ever come for me. Oh how wrong I was.

Two weeks ago, my body quit running on the same day my wearable pre-pregnancy clothes stopped zipping up. Sigh 🙁

Bon voyage dear running shoes…

Big Ring and I went for our last light run a couple of weeks ago and it was tougher than a run has been for me in a long time. I was winded, my legs were heavy, my tights were TIGHT, and my belly was so unbelievably uncomfortable, like cramping uncomfortable. I was fighting the demons in my head almost right from the get-go, weighing my options, hearing the words of the naysaying doctors and trying to drown them out with the pro-running doctors. But to no avail. Half way in, I begrudgingly told Big Ring to jog ahead, I’d be walking the rest of the way.

I am more than positive the cramping was nothing more than my seemingly never-ending state of constipation (sorry guys, but least you don’t have to live through it) but I did not want to take any chances. So, it’s strictly brisk walking for me.

Which it seems I need to be doing a heck of a lot more. I went to the diabetes in pregnancy clinic yesterday and discovered that I am up 15 pounds – I’m ONLY 16 weeks!!! And it’s not because I’m not eating right. I’m eating a ton of vegetables and salads, so much so Big Ring has started calling me Bugs. And while I have a great many cravings for unhealthy things like DQ strawberry milkshakes and poutine – I have yet to indulge in such a thing. Nope, my weight gain is strictly a result of the lows, which has me drinking tons of orange juice. And while one glass of orange juice here and there is fine, when you’re drinking upwards of five to six glasses a day, those are calories going straight to the belly. Oh joy.

Good thing Alien Baby and I (along with my moms) will be briskly walking in the Starbucks “Run” for Women come June 🙂

8 thoughts on “16 weeks: brisk and bulbous”

  1. I’m so glad there were no digital cameras and facebook during my first pregnancy. Enjoy and we look forward to following your journey Katie.

  2. that’s all very unfortunate but you’re dealing with it the only way you can. Is that for real in that picture? is TSAB making an appearance already? wow!

    onwards with the process right? So proud of you

  3. Good morning Katie – Changing pace is not easy, but as you know it is often necessary…even though resisted! “What we resist, persists.” I have found that saying to be more accurate than I like! Enjoy your change of pace, and the Bump…hope your headaches are diminishing.
    Did you buy stock in Tropicana?

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