annoying walkers

That time of year

Humidity: I went out for a run today; the first in over a week. Two seconds in I was a hot, sweaty, sticky, icky mess: Swarms: There were bugs, oh yes, lots and lots of bugs. Sticking to my face, finding their way into my eyes, up my nose, down my throat. Protein! People: Oh people. Despite the torrential downpour just a couple hours earlier, the people and their dogs were out in masses at the first blink of the sun. Which, in itself, not a huge deal. But when they walk around with entitlement and disregard for everyone else around them, it, well, it kind of makes me want to pretend I don’t see them and just kind of, you know, barrel right through them. I may have anger management issues 😉 Restart: Today’s run, I left my ipod and Garmin at home. I’ve done this a few times …

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The Tiffany Report

No one said the robins’ egg blue road would be an easy road. I knew there would be hills, massive hills; I knew I’d likely feel that familiar nausea at some point in my lungs; and  I knew I’d probably face the inner turmoil of whether or not to continue to run or cave in to an early walk break. But I was NOT prepared for a run akin to trying to run through Metrotown – BC’s largest shopping mall, featuring the most ignorant shoppers who walk at a snail’s pace 5, 8, and 10 across blocking any which way around them or through them. The early morning start. Me and my running chicks. This year’s NWM had 22,500 participants; 22,000 of who I swear were walkers. And these weren’t racing walkers, oh no, there was no walking etiquette with them whatsoever. They walked on the right, they walked on the …

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