Oh my aching, aching *elbows*

            Do as this girl does, not as I do.                     Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

Dear, dear, dear elbows,

Please, please, please forgive me. I do not know what came over me, how I did not recognize/feel the err of my ways. Sure something felt off, not quite right, my shoulder, which hadn’t bugged me in months, started aching, and my hips felt all akimbo, and my feet like they were slapping the ground. I felt loosey goosey, not lithe and swift. But I wasn’t feeling flippity floppity. And it was hot out, there was a blood sugar issue, and maybe even a slight dose of dehydration.

I know. Excuses.

I cannot even imagine what others were thinking seeing as they saw me run by; for some it might have been an unwelcomed flashback to the free sixties. Oh the shame, the shame.

As soon as I was home, as soon as I saw your lack of proper protection, wow, my head was going backwards trying to figure out how this could happen. Sure I’ve been a bit absentminded these days, and have been missing out on valuable slumber hours, but never, never have I forgotten about the vital protection of you my dear elbows. Never.

And I vow NEVER to do it again.

Please forgive me. Please do not seek revenge. Please do not sentence me to a life of sag. Please.

Sincerely, a remorseful princess.

*Ok. Let’s be honest here folks. You know I’m not talking about elbows right? It’s what Little Ring calls them and in an effort to hold off on the porn spam, elbows is what they shall be… elbows that went for a speedy run sports bra free! Yikes! Now you know the reason behind my desperate plea for forgiveness. You’d be doing the same I am sure.


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