A world of blank

I went for a run in the snow.

You wouldn’t know.

I went for a run in the buckets down pouring rain.

You wouldn’t know.

I did speed intervals in the pitch black darkness of the night.

You wouldn’t know.

I did hill repeats – charging past bright Christmas lights, over icy patches, huffing, puffing, icicles for sweat in my eyes, pushing the limits, not caving in to the devil on my shoulder, not giving up.

You wouldn’t know.

I ran. I ran with friends. I ran by myself. I ran in the day. I ran in the night.

You wouldn’t know.

Because, you see, I took pictures, a lot of pictures, I documented the pain, the determination, the joy, but, my friends, I am beyond irritated to report technology hates me. That devil on my shoulder got her revenge after all. The memory card, deleted. Don’t know how. Don’t know when. All I know is the past two weeks worth of photos, GONE.

No pictures.

No visual memories.

Just words…

1 thought on “A world of blank”

  1. But POWERFUL words!!
    Your blog, your words, caught fire and lit up my imagination.
    I am sorry you lost your pictures; but it all remains in the heart of you.
    You rock!! 🙂

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