On the mend

I did it!!!

I started a run this morning and I finished a run this morning; the first time in 2 weeks I’ve been able to do so. And my gawd, by the excitement that filled my legs, that fluttered through my belly, that heartened my smile, you would have thought I’d have just completed a marathon in under 4 hours, (which, by the way, is a goal) rather than just a measly 4 km at a slower than desired pace.

Post-run smiles that would have been even bigger had I not caught a glimpse of those early morning bags under my eyes 😉

But here’s the thing: Two weeks ago, following Jog for the Bog, I was immobile and seriously questioning whether I needed a wheelchair, or at the very least crutches. One week ago, the second I started running, I felt as though I had a multitude of hammers pounding down on both sides of my pelvis, and didn’t even get 200 metres into the run. But today, there were no hammers, there was no pain. I did start to feel a slight pressure on one side of my groin about 300 metres into the run, but it wasn’t unmanageable and it didn’t get worse as the run progressed. And hours later, there was no price to pay or body rebelling repercussions. For the most part, everything seemed just fine.



  • 5 a.m. BG before: 6.9
  • Temp. basal: none
  • Carbs: 1/2 Bonk Breaker bar (20g) with bolus and BG correction
  • Time: 24:50
  • Distance: 4 km
  • Average pace: 6:12 min/km
  • Average cadence: 84 spm
  • 6:15 a.m. BG after: 3.1

This being my first run back, I didn’t want to overdo it and risk flaring up the injury, so I opted not to follow my training program, which had me scheduled for a crazy set of 6x 1km speed intervals, (Eek!) but instead go for a quick shake-out run at a super easy pace. Aside from the slight pressure, the run felt fine, and I think for Wednesday, I’ll be able to increase my pace and distance and then see about getting back on my proper training program again.

However, there was one glitch with this run: my blood sugars. I majorly failed my BG this morning and I’m pretty sure it had to do with the super easy pace. Normally when I do early morning runs, I’m either running speed intervals or tempo runs, which for some crazy messed up body chemistry reason shoots my blood sugars up rather than down despite the runs taxing my body of all energy. And so, because of that, when I eat my pre-run snack, I always give myself a full insulin bolus, and a BG correction if needed, to combat any potential highs that may occur. Which is what I did this morning neglecting the fact I wasn’t running speed intervals or tempo or even my long run pace, but rather a much slower pace.

Cue the post-run low 🙁

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