9 months: ‘Happiness is a warm puppy’

Dear Little Ring,

Over the last 9 months, we have called you Silly Goose, Gooey Duck, Magoo, Bug-a-Bug, and other loving terms of endearment, but these days, my darling boy, I’m thinking the best nickname for you is Rover. As in, my little pup.


Early on I spotted puppy like characteristics in you. Your snoring, snorting and tooting was so akin to a pug it made me giggle every time you did it. I thought those characteristics would subside, or at the very least be kept at bay. But now, my goodness child, people are going to start wondering if we’ve got canine in the family line! Every day, it seems, we are faced with a new doggy like characteristic in you 😉

As soon as you mastered your green army man crawl, it was as though you were the metal and the toilet bowl the magnet. I swear if you could get yourself up, your tongue would be lapping that water like you’d just run a marathon!

And forget teething rings and toys – our socks and shoes are your favoured chew toys.

And the wind, oh what a magical thing it is for you. Walking head on into a breeze, or even just when your mama’s blowing in your face, you get the biggest smile, and with your blissed-out eyes squinting upwards, your tongue lolls out in sheer ecstasy.

And your wide-mouthed kisses, one of your most special gifts, wouldn’t be complete without that final, loving component of a wet, sloppy lick.

And the moment your eyes catch that of a dog, a small dog, medium-sized dog, huge dog, it’s as though humans are nothing. Your eyes sparkle and your voice box goes into overdrive babbling, and shrieking with glee.

But the kicker, oh this is a good one, is the day you started barking. Seriously, you bark. You bark when you’re happy, you bark when you’re excited, you bark when you’re frustrated, and full-on growl when you’re mad.

And we don’t even have a dog!

But your giggles, my dear boy, even the ones when you’re sleeping, oh my goodness, no pooch could ever compare. They are the sweetest, most beautiful, infectious sounds to ever grace my ears.

“And Peter laughed, and when he did, all the devils grinned, because Peter’s laugh was a most contagious thing.” ~ JM Barrie, Peter Pan

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