My favourite’s fight

You all know her as my favourite running chick. But this woman is SO much more than that!


Yes, she is my beloved running partner, but she is also a cherished friend, a confidante, an honourary auntie to Little Ring, an amazing mother to two incredible young adults, (one of who is also a good friend) and a soon to be grandmum to a baby girl. She is one of the strongest, most caring, loving women I have ever been fortunate enough to be in the presence of.

The Triplets of Runnersville at NWM San Francisco 2011

And today, my dear friend needs our strength as she undergoes surgery to rid her body of an evil cancer invading it. I beg of all of you to keep her in your thoughts, and send as much strength, well wishes, positive, happy, healthy vibes as you can.


I love you favourite running chick. And I promise you, we will be kicking the pavement with our running sneakers in no time.



UPDATE: The surgery went well!!! The next steps: pathology report, chemo, recovery, and beyond. Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, well wishes, and everything else. Huge hearts!

3 thoughts on “My favourite’s fight”

  1. Your favourite running chick is in my thoughts.
    From far-away Ontario, good karma = good outcomes 🙂

  2. Good luck to your favourite running chick! My dad went through chemo last year and he is out of the woods! I hope your friend will be just the same :D!

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