Run hard. Run fast. No excuses.

Before even finishing my run yesterday, I knew I had kicked those speed intervals out of the park, that I had gone all Speedy Gonzalez on that pavement, and that my Garmin deets would make me smile upon reviewing them later that evening. I knew this because for the first 5 minutes of the 10-minute cool down route back home, I could not for the life of me budge my pace any faster than 6:30 minutes per kilometre. I was pooped! And pretty fricken’ proud of myself underneath all that heavy huffing and puffing too 😀

130422speed intervals 200 metres
Blue = speed

The other night, when I completed my so-called shaking out the cobwebs run, and felt good in my legs, I knew I had more to offer, and I knew I wanted to offer more. I want to be faster, which means I’ve got to put more effort into my speed training. Not just 80 per cent, not 90 per cent, not 99 per cent – 100 per cent effort!

No more slowing down pace before the interval is done; no more giving into thoughts of ‘Ohmygawd, I can’t go any further,’ regardless of how badly I want to spew out my insides; no more excuses. Yesterday’s run was the first of many  to come where I gave it my all; I muscled the hell out of that run!

The new message on my chalkboard wall.

It started off with a 10-minute warmup that included three sets of three drills – walking lunges, high knees, and butt kicks. This was the first time (in how many months) that I’ve actually fully completed the drills; I’ve been embarrassed to go through the routine in public as it can be a pretty busy boardwalk where I run, especially on sunny afternoons like yesterday’s was. But, I’m committed, so embarrassed and all, the drills had to be done. And really, it wasn’t so bad, I mean, if you think about it, most people look silly when they’re running anyway, so what’s a little added silliness to the mix 😀

Because I’ve been off running for 2 weeks, Coach NZ advised I go back to week 1 of this month’s training, which is my “easy” week, so as to not overdo it right off the hop. Yesterday’s run involved six 200-metre speed intervals with a 1 minute jog/walk break in between. Following the first two intervals, I was able to lightly jog it out, but by the third, I could feel my stomach in my throat and opted to walk the minute instead, which I actually found harder to get back up and running again as the last seconds of the minute faded away. (I have the same issues when climbing the Grouse Grind; if I stop for even a few seconds, it’s much harder to get started again than if I were to just slow my pace down.) Must work on not giving into the walk.

And then the cool down, ohhhh that glorious, glorious slow-paced cool down. Once I was able to finally catch my breath again, I was practically skipping with giddiness.

Those are runs to live for!


  • 5:30 p.m. BG before: 5.6
  • Temp. basal: none
  • Carbs: sample sized oatmeal raisin Clif Bar 1 hour prior, no bolus; 15 grams
  • Distance: 5.07 km
  • Fastest interval: 4:06 min/km
  • Time: 31:04 minutes
  • 6:15 p.m. BG after: 4.1
  • Carbs: Recovery drink, no bolus; 7 grams

I’m going to figure out a way of making part of this blog my computer screen saver so that I’ll see these words, these goals, this affirmation at least once – if not more – before every speed run to remind myself of the effort I must execute to become a faster runner. Look out fast twitch muscles, I’m coming after you 😀

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  1. Oh very good! You apparently have more fast twitch muscles than me. I have to figure out how to program my stupid Garmin like that.

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