Sick sucks

A word to the wise, do NOT mess with karma, because let me tell you, I just got kicked in the butt by that turd-eating jerk face!

Not even two days after telling a girlfriend I hadn’t been sick in almost a year and a half and that Little Ring hadn’t been sick in ever, both of us were struck down by Karma’s nasty pal the common cold. And let me tell you, you all think you have it rough when you get sick, try getting sick with diabetes AND a sick baby in tow. That is just pure fricken’ evil. Karma, you don’t play fair, not at all.

About mid week last week, I had started to experience fluctuations in my blood sugars, higher readings than I’m used to, and no matter what I did, they just kept creeping up and up and up. I thought maybe there was something wrong with my infusion, or maybe my body was rebelling from the week off running, but never once did I think it could be a cold – despite that being a first signal to sickness. Maybe it’s because I hadn’t been sick in so long, and I just thought my body would continue being a super human healthy force… I wish.

But no, yesterday morning I woke up with a niggling feeling in my throat. I thought, or hoped, it was just due to dry air. To be on the safe side, I went to grab the honey out of the cupboard for my morning tea (I am a firm believer of the powers of honey) only to discover we were all out! Nooooooooo! The tickle festered. By lunchtime I was suffering a drippy nose, but was still in a state of denial, hoping it was just allergies.

A couple hours later, the surefire sign of sickness hit me hard. I had spent the entire morning and a good part of the afternoon cleaning, organizing, nesting. FYI: I don’t like to clean. I’ve been fighting for a loftkeeper since the day Big Ring and I moved in together.

Sickness sign number 2: I’d been dipping into the chocolate and peanut butter supplies all day! Normally I’m pretty good at exercising restraint, but not in sickness, oh no, I’d even torn into that unopened bag of mini Reese’s peanut butter cups that Big Ring got me back on Halloween! Seriously, how is it that I’m like the only person who does NOT lose their appetite when sick???

By the end of the day, the eyes were burning, the throat felt as though I were swallowing daggers, and the voice was cigarette raspy 🙁

My new BFF as of late.

Little Ring, on the other hand, seemed perfectly fine when he woke up. He had the energy of a ball on fire as per usual; he ate as though he were a starved pig as per usual; and he smiled and giggled on cue as per usual. But at some point during his second nap of the day, everything had changed. While he was still giving me smiles and giggles, his eyes were now puffy, his chest wheezy, and his nose a flood of snot loogies!

The cold was waging war on my body, my body, in response, was waging war on my diabetes, and stress as a result of the roller coaster blood sugars was doing me no favours. And yet, those wars were put on the back burner; they had to be. I was too busy fighting the dastardly evils waging a sick war on my defenceless sweet boy.

And so, my blood sugars are still a mess, my body is still a mess, I am still a mess. A super exhausted, runny nosed mess. And while I’d love to say that I don’t care as long as my boy is better tomorrow, that would be a lie. I do care. I don’t like losing control. But that jerk sickness is all about stealing control.

Sick sucks.


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