New kid on the block

For someone who doesn’t like change, my gawd, I sure did make a HUGE one this week.

After nearly three years, and two identical replacements, there’s a new pump in town my friends. Gone is the tried-and-true, goes-with-everything, boring black beauty (which really isn’t so beautylicious these days), and in her place, an in-your-face, eye-popping, green hornet of a new insulin pump.

That’s right, GREEN!

A pump with pizazz.

A couple weeks ago I noticed that the rubber covering over the arrow buttons on my pump was peeling back, and given that we’re going into the rainy season here on the West Coast, and that I typically wear my pump on my pant pockets, I thought uh oh, probably not the best thing to have the mechanics of the pump fully exposed.

That just will not do.

I emailed Animas last weekend and within 45 minutes I had a customer service rep from the US calling me. (They’re that good!) The woman on the line told me Animas would replace it no problem (thank heavens for a four-year warranty, which I’ve used twice now… that’s like a pump a year :)), and that a Canadian rep would be contacting me by the end of the day to set up the transaction.

I don’t know what exactly happened from the time I sent the initial email to the time the Canadian rep called me a short time later, but I tell you there was a strong force overpowering my equilibrium shouting out CHANGE! CHANGE! CHANGE! When the rep asked what colour I wanted, my brain said black but my voice said green.

Uh what?

I’ve never been a fan of the Animas colour selection. Unlike Medtronic which has a beautiful purple pump, and a pretty hot-looking aqua blue one too, as well as a huge selection of skins, Animas’ colours are pretty bland. The pink is more an outdated dusty rose, the blue doesn’t pop, and the silver is a magnet for scratches. And even the silver-flecked green never really spoke to me in previous viewings. But for some reason, this time around, it snatched hold of my eye and didn’t let go.

I guess if I get bored with it, or am mortally horrified of looking like Mrs. Claus every time I wear the reds in my wardrobe, there’s always round 2 of the pump vs. aqua jogging 😉

But seriously, a little overboard on the packaging Animas; it was like I was dealing with the box version of a Russian Nesting Doll!

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  1. Now that Little Ring is in your life, I suspect you’ll be seeing that awkward shade of green more often in the future (if you aren’t already). It’s a good thing you like that color.

    Mmmm….strained peas…

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